A little about us. We are Jen and Rob Tomlinson. We live right here in plymouth. Rob and I spent years in finance careers, never in a million years did we foresee the amazing future in ahead of us.

We do furniture and home decor a little different. Why? Well to start we believe in furniture that lasts. Real, hand made and always unique. Did you know every table that is on our showroom floor was built by Rob? We find our passion in unique pieces becoming long lasting statements to transform your house to a home.

Jen not only paints unique vintage furniture pieces, but also carefully curates the store to insure that not only is it eclectic and unique, but that it truly fits to any style. We don’t have a “style” we just love home decor that give us all the good feels. If it makes me happy then it will end up in the store. You wont see anything that I would not put in my own home,

We work every Saturday together so if you are new to the store. Stop in and say hi! We would love to meet you


Jen & Rob